The Jubilee 40th Nautical, Hunting and Fishing Fair (Novosti)

Among the nicest, certainly the most impressive yachts are the yacht – trimaran by the company “Como Boats” from Jagodina! It’s a nine-meter long boat equipped with the most luxurious yachts. It is essentially a floating apartment with a luxurious interior …

“Everything you see is a part of the home mind and hands,” says Vuk Vasić, the son of the owner of this Jagodina company that employs 30 people. – It’s about the most popular type of house boat that we started doing in October 2017.

The value of this first prize of Jagodina, the company that deals with the production of plate-wood furniture, is about 120,000 euros.

– Serbia needs to take advantage of its strengths. To prove to be a country of healthy nature, food, to become popular as a destination for nautical tourism – he said, among other things, opening a fair of nautical and horticulture Velimir Stanojević, State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. “We will continue to provide state-sponsored incentives to our small producers to make a decent living from their work.

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