Jagodina’s Waterhouse (Danas)

The yacht trimaran designed by young designers Božidar Đurđević and Ognjen Docić, an expert at the Nautical Fair in Belgrade, which is ongoing, has been rated as a very impressive boat.

It is a nine-meter long boat equipped with the most luxurious yachts. In essence it is a sailing apartment with a luxurious interior.

Jagodina yacht is a prototype and costs around 120,000 euros. The company “Como Bouts” from Jagodina who produced the boat got 20 orders.

“Everything you see is a part of home mind and hands,” said young designers, pointing out that it is currently the most popular type of house boat that began production in October 2017.

It is a yacht with the comfort of a garrison who can sail at a speed of 30 km per hour. It has a kitchen, a living room, a toilet, a terrace and a sun deck. Equipped with cameras, sonar, GPS, projector, air conditioning and all functions are adjusted through the display.

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